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Archon Hunt Mission Rewards after death


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Restricted Respawns:

  • Self-revive is not allowed. A player that dies is permanently out of commission, cannot be brought back, and are not eligible for mission rewards, making death prevention and prioritizing reviving fallen Tenno from bleedout a necessity.

After the boss had been killed, I stuck around in the boss arena looking for items while my squad went to extraction and started extracting. As rhino, I went down at around 40 seconds left on the extraction and no-one come to pick me up, thinking that it would not matter since we had already killed the boss. Turns out it didn't matter, as I received both a mission completion screen and a mission failed screen since I stayed in the mission instead of leaving the mission when I was watching them extract. I did get all rewards including the shard and a statue, and could slot my archon shard into a Warframe. At the same time, the mission completion makes it so I could not redo the mission even if I wanted to. 

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