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Yareli Deluxe skin - By me


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Couldn't come up with the name, so DE, if you implement this in the game, you can name it anything you want.

Comes with Nikana skin and Ephemera (Merulina skin as an exalted object, but I think it as general K-Drive skin as well would be nice)

Accents are shiny metallics, originally Rose Gold in color (appears pink).

Merulina is facing upwards (Up is front, and down is back of it)

Note: Area where her mouth is supposed to be, isn't colorable. Neither are dark spots on her back of lower legs, back of the head, dark spot on the back of Merulina and darker line in the middle of it, dark area on Nikana's sheath and Nikana's blade (all of them have green emissive colors over them, except for Nikana's blade). Her "hood"-ish part on her back of the head isn't flowing cloth, it's solid.

Her skirt is flowing cloth, on the other hand.



Emissive & Energy colors emphasized9nz3nLp.png

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