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Warframe bug


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yes but THIS new bug usually gets fixed if you try to switch back to operator again.

the bug that grinds my gears the most though (which is a bug that exists since a VERY long time) is you being unable to shoot after an 'unfortunately timed' switch between operator and frame which makes you also unable to switch back into operator.

your frame then is walking sideways unless you aim into a different direction (which weirdly enough still works, aiming works but shooting doesn't)

this bug also can only be fixed by K-Drive (which is not available in most missions) or dying (which is also a very unsatisfying option, especially in arbitrations).

what I would like to see at least, when fixing such bugs apparently is not that easy, would be a new command like /unstuck except that this new command kind of resets all the neccesary positions that create those bugs in the first place.

it can be draining enough with all the host migration and the other stuff but if you have an basically almost unfixable bug ON TOP which either forces you to restart the game etc is just annoying. I don't think implementing a new command would be as hard as fixing all those bugs. this command at least would present a more easily accessible solution for such bugs if they happen.

I don't have footage of the bug but I'm sure many of you experienced this as well. it usually only happens if you're not the host in my experience but I could be wrong, I didn't note it down or something. but a new command to fix stuff like this would be a god-given :(

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