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Profit Taker Bugs (PS5)


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Profit Taker has been crawling around for almost 4 years, so it’s disappointing to still see bugs in the final boss fight.

During the first damage legs phase, once all the legs have been destroyed, you get the message to aim for its body. But PT can suddenly fully regenerate it’s legs to full health. Annoying as it wastes time and increases Archgun cool-down. However, this bug can also skip to the next phase of the fight (if you are lucky).

In the final phase of leg shooting (announced by Business firing all mortars and the 5 minute timer starts), as you start to shoot the legs, PT suddenly regenerates a little bit of shield and displays the element sign again. Switching back to normal weapons activates the archgun cool-down again,  wasting time.

Finally, (not a bug but bad design), PT spins in circles and walks over mountains and rivers making the element symbol had to see and find. Surely it wouldn’t be hard to either put the element on all sides of PT’s main body or on our UI/HUD?

I still enjoy this fight at LR2, but I hope you care enough about new players to fix these bugs.

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