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Styanax - Toggle Tharros Shield Equipped


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This isn't really feedback on gameplay functionality and hope this is appropriate posted here but...


How difficult would it be to toggle Styanax's Tharros shield to always be out with a similar slider like "toggle prime details" which Excal Umbra has for example. Would look kind of the same as the holster for sword and shields staying on your arm. Could still be there in animations, just not disappearing when done.

Just really love the design of the shield and would be cool to have it visible more outside of being idle or briefly during abilities.

Another way would be to have the same Tharros shield assets on a sword and shield skin but that would take away from Styanax's uniqueness. Or being really daring, have it like Garuda's talons when no other melee equipped, have Styanax spear and shield usable as melee. Though a new melee class is another topic on its own.


I know this probably isn't simple in the slightest and would cause all sorts of clipping issues/other issues but in my opinion would improve the fashion potential for Styanax significantly. Particularly in conjunction with spearguns. Wanted to know if this is even remotely feasible. Right now it seems like a pipe dream considering this is mainly for cosmetic.


Also other forum peeps, what do you reckon? If you agree and would think this is a good idea or if I'm alone in this.

Regardless, keep up the good work DE! Styanax is a great addition, easily my new favorite.

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