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scrollable collections lose their place when switching from controller to keyboard/mouse


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Wow, controller on PC is extra janky the last hotfix or two.

  • Go into the Upgrade menu for a Warframe (start modding your warframe)
  • Use the joystick to scroll through your mods.
  • Move the mouse/trackpad, or press a key on the keyboard, and watch the mods jump back to the start.

This seems to only happen when moving from joystick to mouse; not going the other way.

Places where the jump to start bug happens:

  • Foundry items
  • Syndicate offerings
  • Equipment/Inventory items
  • Helminth metamorphoses
  • Helminth feeding resources
  • Upgrades/Arcanes
  • Foundry/Arcanes
  • Modding console mods
  • Ayatan Treasures
  • Void Relics/Refinement relics
  • Nightwave/Cred Offerings

There may be many others, but they haven't been discovered.

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