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sort order of mods is unstable between KBM and controller in warframe upgrades UI


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  • Go into the Upgrade menu for a Warframe (start modding your warframe)
  • Switch to the AURA tab in your mods.
  • Sort your mods by DRAIN.
  • Move around the screen with joystick or d-pad.
  • Move the cursor with the mouse. Notice some of the mods change order.
    • It might be any ranked mods.
    • It might be max-ranked mods.
    • It might be when several ranked mods have the drain.
  • Move around with joystick. Notice some of the mods change order again.
  • Move the joystick and the mouse at the same time. Watch some/several mods rapidly cycle through different combinations.
    • Also, the frame rate drops significantly as the UI rapidly switches between joystick and mouse.

Mod sort order is unstable in other tabs and sort orders (except maybe by Name), but AURA/DRAIN seems to be the most noticeable. Maybe because a lot of max-ranked aura mods have the same drain, but I'm not sure.

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