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Pazuul idea


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Ok so, when we first do veil breaker quest Kahl calls Pazuul "a worm body with an animal head" and i instantly thought of the elder queen. In the war within we either kill her, let Teshin kill her, or let her rot. Either way she dies right there or eventually. It would be amazing if instead of having archon Erra be Pazuul they had the worm queens corpse resurrected with like a lion head or some S#&$ to rule the new Narmer and by extension, rule Erra. 

Imagine we find out Pazuul is the elder queen. Erra is once again under the rule of the orokin though they both are technically slaves to the beasts of tau. They could even wriggle kuva back in there since it hasn't had a major aspect in lore since tww. Maybe through kuva the elder queen could take control of her beast head and sacrifice herself, preventing the full reemergence of Narmer

Overall I wish more was done, bringing back the elder queen who is definitely dead by now would be a great way to tie up the pre void storyline and tie up Narmer before it becomes another loose end in lore

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