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Arca plasmor reload has "interactable object" sound in it


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With the Tenet Arca Plasmor (I haven't checked the basic version), when you reload it plays a bunch of mechanical/technological noises as you'd expect for reloading a gun that fires high--energy advertising. However, there's a sound in there that is almost certainly not intended to be there!

About 60% of the way through the reload, there's a small "dink" noise that's exactly the same sound that plays when the player walks up to an interactable object (lockers, active consoles, medallions/collectibles).

5-second video clip ('dink' sound is about 2.5 seconds in)


Please can this be corrected as it can cause confusion with established audio queues.

For a while I thought I was going mad, as I'd be flying through a level (often while looking for angel plumes and the like) and hear the noise, but not be able to find out what it was that I'd just missed.


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