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QoL changes for Equinox


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TLDR: Energy problem on 3rd Night  (its unusable) And Nights 4th being useless to release stacks on

3rd ability....  Good i can give ability strength to others or myself on Day aspect but have u ever seen anyone using this on Night?
Wonder why? Energy costs on this ability is ridiculously high and after using it, it will eat your whole energy in a second.                 
It should give Night a little survivability but instead it just removes your energy.... great.....

4rd ability. On day there is nothing to say, its perfect. i love it its rly fun.
But on Night? it gives u overshield... good.  But after releasing it? it gives u health? the one thing that cant be increased without mods? imagine u dont have augment and your whole 2mln stacks are going to waste.

Day form is Glass Assassin. It has more damage but it has no survivability.
Night form is more defensive strategy oriented but it doesnt feel like it. 

Changes i would make:
1. I would give perma boosts from 1st ability to make Aspects more different from each other.
Maybe at reduced numbers for day. For night 200 shield more is like nothing.

2. Reduce Energy costs on Nights 3rd... Please. Its needed

3. On Nights 4th change that Health thingy. Its useless. 
Maybe armor increase like wukongs 3rd? or Overshield Refill? 


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