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Uranus Steel Path Acolyte Stuck Under Water, Teleport Player Down With Them


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I understand an issue in a similar vein was addressed in 30.5, this may have been indirectly caused by that.

This was on Uranus Sea-Base Mobile defense (specifically the 9/22 SP Incursion on Cressida), the tile it occurred on was one of the applicable tiles for MD objectives with water able to active archwing mode.

The Acolyte spawned underwater, then persistently teleported the player underwater, activating the player's archwing mode. The Acolyte (while underwater) remained entirely motionless and did not teleport above water as described by patch notes. Player is able to target down and kill the Acolyte within archwing mode, I used my archmelee (and was surprised by how quickly it chunked up the Acolyte tbh).

I think the real bug here is the check for whether the Acolyte is underwater is flawed (as described by patch notes), or the mechanism for recovering them from being underwater (as described in patch notes) is inconsistent.

Not too disruptive to the player experience, although it did specifically cause me to fail the mission as I was pulled away from my MD objective )=.

Editing to try and be more helpful.

  • How can this bug be reproduced?
    • Has only happened once.
  • What was happening before the issue started?
    • Defending MD Objective, nothing that would seem notable for controlling the location/spawn of the acolyte. Baruuk's Serene Grace may have pushed it? Although I'm pretty certain they are immune to the effect.
  • Can you provide your build and game settings?
    • If any is desired I will.
  • What kind of squad were you in? Solo, host, client?
    • Solo
  • Can you share any images or a video of the bug?
    • Unfortunately being unable to replicate I cannot provide video.
  • Making sure the issue still occurs in the game's current version is important so that we can be sure we aren't chasing old issues.
    • Occurred and posted within the current version. 
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