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My Mandachord Channel


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If this isn't allowed, feel free to remove it.


Ive been doing Mandachord covers for almost 2 years now when I'm bored (I have about 250 songs done atm), I sometimes do requests, but mostly it's just whatever interests me, or whatever I'm listening to at the time.

I started out uploading my covers just to save them for later, and to work on my video editing skills in preparation for my 2nd channel (a Cosplay Channel).  So I never really shared my videos anywhere, I just posted them and let the search function do it's thing.  I figure if someone needs that song they can find it.  But my GF insists that I put the channel out there, so this is the most effort I'm putting into pushing the channel anywhere. lol

I don't upload super regularly, its usually done in dumps, to clear out my mandachord library.  and I don't take the channel super seriously, as it is just an editing testing ground for my other channel.  But it might be another channel worth following if you're an Octavia main, since I try to cover songs that haven't been done yet, or that aren't on youtube at least.

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