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Cosmic warframe fan concept


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Name of frame: macrocosm - a genderless frame

Ethereal, looks like alien x, looks nebular
Armor:150, health:250, shield:200, energy:150, speed:1.15

Passive: consecutive kills trigger small energy regen (15 energy/25 kills). Roll tap is replaced with short blink

First ability: stardust gale - releases a burst of stardust out that sticks to enemies and applies a weakness debuff that makes enemies more susceptible to damageAffected by range/power strength. Enemies killed chain stardust to targets in small range. Conical attack. Base debuff 4/8/12

Second ability: crushing star - summons a dense, flaming sphere across the warframe that draws enemies within the center and applies fire status. In return for enemies drawn in, gain energy back for squad as enemies burn when in range of star. At end of timer, star collapses in on itself creating a supernova blast. Explosion deals blast damage.
Base duration- 20/30/40s. Damage of fire and blast scales with power strength. 2 energy a second per enemy burning

Third ability: celestial domain - radial ability. take control of the surrounding space. Within the domain, the warframe receives increased power strength and efficiency, and kills restore a fraction of health back. Allies also benefit. Enemies within domain suffer from zero gravity and become immobilized. Enemies also are slowed down by cold and slowly suffocate as if the domain itself was the vacuum of space. Base range 35/40/45m. Range/power/duration/efficiency mods affect energy drain per second, range of cast, and buffs. Recasting resets domain.

Fourth ability: starfall - summon multiple comets from within the warframe that home on into targets. Targets hit are first afflicted by blast and then receive DoT from fire. Size  and damage of comets affected by power. Homing distance affected by range. 

Opinions and critique would be awesome

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