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Financial stress forever on the Index


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  So i was on the index testing a build for Hildryn, and while holding a lot of points my shield gone as should, then i had to deposit those points, but the Financial Stress kept active. I tried jump of the map to reset my char but din't work, the debuff was yet there. When the enemies killed me the debuff wasn't gone too. That made me unable to recover shields, cast skills and pretty much anything else. 

  Before that i noticed that my shields wasn't droping that much as well. Iguess that could be the Resevoir's from Wisp but im not sure.

  I was on a public session with 2 players, one Wisp another with Wukong and a Mag bot.
I guess is the fourth time that happend (and first one while playing on public). The other times i menage to fix by just jumping of map( and i was on solo) .

If it helps, i made a playlist with 2 videos of a few seconds of gameplay, unfortunately i was not recording before the bug:



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