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Unable to command Brothers on Kahl week 3 mission

(XBOX)Dead Red Heat

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On the Kahl week 3 mission, after you crash (toward the final boss) in the ship and recover the ballot grattler you are unable to command your Brothers. The command button graphic moves to the left side of the screen, but when you push up on the D-pad in puts down a wayfinder marker. Commands are no longer available, which makes it very difficult to command brothers to stay put, blow things up, etc. 

Two runs so far and it happened both times. Once the mission starts back up after flying in the ship you lose command. 

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encountered the same issue on PC.
Same area.
when pressing "G" you end up putting a waypoint down instead of commanding.
I was able to bypass the next area (where you have to command brothers to hold other field) with having a brother go down in a field and go to the other field.


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