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(SWITCH) Lua’s Prey: Hotfix #3


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(SWITCH) Lua’s Prey: Hotfix #3 


  • The Complete Starter Slot Bundle is back! Expand your Arsenal with 2x Warframe Slots, 2x Weapon Slots, and 2x Companion Slots.
    • Yesterday, we took down the bundle shortly after the launch of Lua’s Prey as there was an issue with the UI not accounting for the price of each individual Warframe Slot (incorrectly showing that 2x Warframe Slots costs 20 Platinum, which is the the cost of 1). So we have fixed that issue across the board, and have re-enabled the Bundle to be purchased in the in-game Market. 
  • Removed the Tenet Ferrox from Conclave. 

Conjunction Survival Changes & Fixes: 

  • Fixed Steel Path Conjunction Survival Nodes (Yuvarium & Circulus) not rewarding the bonus Lua Thrax Plasm as intended (compared to their non-Steel Path numbers). Rotation Rewards for these Steel Path are back to what they were intended to be:
    • 5 Lua Thrax Plasm on Steel Path Yuvarium
    • 6 Lua Thrax Plasm on Steel Path Circulus
  • Fixed Clients not seeing the glow in the wolf busts eyes when a certain Warframe is near them in the new Circulus tile. 
  • Fixed Lua Thrax enemies spawning in the Endurance Drift test and getting stuck in the room. 
    • They will now no longer spawn in these areas.  
  • Fixed Clients hearing the sound FX when the Host crosses into the Lone Guardian’s buff radius. 
  • Fixes towards Lua Thrax enemies not spawning if they can’t find a valid spot within 10m of a player. 


  • Fixes toward bad offsets for several armor attachments when equipped on Voruna. 
    • We will continue fixing other known offset issues.
  • Fixed being able to gift the new bundles in the in-game Market more than once to someone who already owns the bundle.
  • Fixed the “Several items in this package are cosmetics for items which you do not own. Purchase anyway?” pop-up occurring when attempting to purchase the Golden Mend Collection in the in-game Market even after completing The New War Quest. 
  • Fixed script error with Grendel’s Feast. 
  • Fixed script error with Yareli’s Aquablades.

Known Issues:
The following lists issues that we are aware of that may require more work or a code fix and will be fixed in a future hotfix/update. 

  • Bosses such as Sargas Ruk or Vay Hek do not take damage from single target weapons, only AOE weapons can damage the weak spots.
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