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(SWITCH) Lua’s Prey: Hotfix #4


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(SWITCH) Lua’s Prey: Hotfix #4

Some of you may have noticed that your missions and region chat have a lot of new faces. That’s right, the next phase of the Cross Platform Play test is live with the inclusion of Switch and PlayStation! We will continue to monitor for any issues. Learn more in our official Cross Platform Play post.

Conjunction Survival Fix: 

  • Fixed the Necramech cooldown timer in Conjunction Survival being shorter than intended if destroyed by enemies instead of timing out.


  • Fixed a black screen occurring when attempting to purchase Riven Mods in Iron Wake. 
  • Fixed the Perigale’s Max Ammo stat rapidly increasing beyond intended when triggering its ammo increase on headshots while wielded by Voruna. 
    • It is intended to increase the ammo pool to 48 for Voruna. 
  • Fixed script error with Squad HUD elements. 
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