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Eros Wing and Sanguinax Prime Ephemera bug still around 6 months later.


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6 months ago the update that nerfed AOE was released, and with it came many bugs. The one that stood out to me and what upset me the most was the bug where the color of your ephemera no longer matched your operator colors; 6 months later and it's still an issue. I'm very upset about this as I spent a lot of money on these prime accessories only for them to still not work as intended after 6 months since it was broken?? It's my favorite operator ephemera, and I would appreciate it if it was fixed and reverted to how it used to function, as in being identical to the colors of your operator. Now it just stays the default color and only the energy color is changed. Please fix this, it's been far too long, and I've been very patient.


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I could confirm the issue with the Sanguinax Prime Ephemera and can offer a workaround for the moment:

  1. Switch to the Eros Wings Ephemera
  2. Set the colors you want
  3. Switch back to Sanguinax Prime Ephemera


What is the problem you are experiencing with the Eros Wings Ephemera? That one looks fine to me.


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You goddamn legend, I can't express my gratitude enough, thank you...I've been completely unmotivated to play the game due to this bug; but you've just changed that.

Regarding the Eros wings, I hadn't equipped them, just clicked on it, and the new config to change additional colors did not show up; so I assumed it was still broken like it was in the past, as I didn't expect it to be any different to the Sanguinax Wings. Sorry for this error on my side.

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