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MOB Whispers in the Walls: Update 35.1: Hotfix #7

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MOB Whispers in the Walls: Update 35.1: Hotfix #7

While we are calling this a hotfix, it is actually a small CERT* update. Depending on your Automatic App Update preferences, you may need to manually update the app.

Launcher Change: We have added a popup on the launcher page that redirects players to the App Store when a new version of Warframe is available. Following this update, you will see this message when an Update or Hotfix: “New Version: A new version is available, please visit the App Store to update.”

*Learn more about what this means in our Warframe Lexicon for Updates.


We have made significant improvements to load / stream times when transitioning from towns to Open Landscapes / hubs to missions (specifically the locations listed below).

  • For Open Landscapes, this includes transitioning from Cetus to Plains of Eidolon, Fortuna to Orb Vallis, and the Necralisk to Cambion Drift.
  • For hubs to missions, this includes transitioning from the Chrysalith to Zariman missions via the elevator and the Sanctum Anatomica to Albrecht’s Laboratories missions.

It’s worth noting that while load times have been reduced for all iOS devices, the exact time will vary based on your hardware. That said, we will continue to look into areas where performance could be improved on iOS. Thank you!


  • Added a “Max Framerate” toggle under Video settings in the Options Menu.
    • Players can set their Max Framerate to 30 HZ, 40 HZ, 50 HZ, or 60 HZ.
      • Naturally, higher framerate will demand more of any device and impact battery life. Choosing a lower framerate will have less of an effect if you are looking for more sustained battery life.
    • Note: Players can also toggle the pre-existing Quality Preset, GPU Particle Quality, as well as Advanced Video options to achieve the best settings for their device and play preferences. 


  • Fixed an issue with initial install progress pausing and resetting on the launcher screen.
  • Fixed an issue with touch screen controls where the squad overlay could become unresponsive if a mission was selected without interacting with the Star Chart.
    • This could occur if someone else in the squad started a mission vote before you opened the Star Chart, or if you chose a mission from anywhere besides the Star Chart, such as the Syndicates Screen.
  • Fixed a disappearing audio bug.
  • Made several stability fixes to address reports of crashing on the initial launcher screen.

Stay updated on the known iOS issues that we are investigating in the Warframe iOS Launch Build post.

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This update has helped performance a *tiny* bit on the iPhone SE (3rd gen, A15 chip), allowing the higher refresh rate while turning everything to low helps but it still hitches a lot during quick movement. 

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I am super happy that now 60 hz is available for my iPad Pro 11 inch M1.

But the anti aliasing and the resolution is so so bad! The iPad could handle much much more, already with all maxed settings now and 60 hz the iPad barely gets hot. Please update the app and provide almost the same options as the windows version in iPad.


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30 minutes ago, Lil_Noid said:

The Sacrifice is still unfinishable because you can’t place down a stone when you play Komi against Ballas.

Fr and plus the bug where you get umbra mod’s without *no spoilers*

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Le 01/03/2024 à 14:12, [DE]CoreyOnline a dit :

MOB Whispers in the Walls : Mise à jour 35.1 : Correctif #7

Bien que nous appelions cela un correctif, il s’agit en fait d’une petite mise à jour du CERT*. En fonction de vos préférences de mise à jour automatique de l’application, vous devrez peut-être mettre à jour manuellement l’application.

Changement de lanceur : Nous avons ajouté une fenêtre contextuelle sur la page du lanceur qui redirige les joueurs vers l’App Store lorsqu’une nouvelle version de Warframe est disponible. À la suite de cette mise à jour, vous verrez ce message lorsqu’une mise à jour ou un correctif s’affichera : « Nouvelle version : une nouvelle version est disponible, veuillez visiter l’App Store pour effectuer la mise à jour. »

*Pour en savoir plus sur ce que cela signifie, consultez notre Lexique Warframe pour les Mises à jour.


Nous avons apporté des améliorations significatives aux temps de chargement et de diffusion lors de la transition des villes vers les paysages ouverts, les hubs et les missions (en particulier les lieux répertoriés ci-dessous).

  • Pour les paysages ouverts, cela inclut la transition de Cetus aux Plaines d’Eidolon, de Fortuna à Orb Vallis, et du Necralisk à Cambion Drift.
  • Pour les hubs vers les missions, cela inclut la transition des missions Chrysalith à Zariman via l’ascenseur et les missions Sanctum Anatomica aux missions Albrecht’s Laboratories.

Il convient de noter que si les temps de chargement ont été réduits pour tous les appareils iOS, le temps exact variera en fonction de votre matériel. Cela dit, nous continuerons d’examiner les domaines dans lesquels les performances pourraient être améliorées sur iOS. Merci!


  • Ajout d’un bouton « Fréquence d’images maximale » sous les paramètres vidéo dans le menu Options.
    • Les joueurs peuvent régler leur fréquence d’images maximale sur 30 HZ, 40 HZ, 50 HZ ou 60 HZ.
      • Naturellement, une fréquence d’images plus élevée exigera plus de n’importe quel appareil et aura un impact sur la durée de vie de la batterie. Le choix d’une fréquence d’images plus faible aura moins d’effet si vous recherchez une autonomie plus soutenue.
    • Remarque : les joueurs peuvent également activer ou désactiver les options préexistantes de préréglage de qualité, de qualité des particules du GPU et de vidéo avancée afin d’obtenir les meilleurs paramètres pour leur appareil et leurs préférences de lecture.


  • Correction d’un problème de mise en pause et de réinitialisation de la progression de l’installation initiale sur l’écran du lanceur.
  • Correction d’un problème avec les commandes de l’écran tactile où la superposition de l’escouade pouvait ne plus répondre si une mission était sélectionnée sans interagir avec la carte du ciel.
    • Cela peut se produire si quelqu’un d’autre dans l’escouade a commencé un vote de mission avant que vous n’ouvriez la carte du ciel, ou si vous avez choisi une mission de n’importe où en dehors de la carte du ciel, comme l’écran des syndicats.
  • Correction d’un bug audio qui disparaissait.
  • Plusieurs correctifs de stabilité ont été apportés pour résoudre les problèmes de plantage sur l’écran du lanceur initial.

Restez à jour sur les problèmes iOS connus que nous enquêtons dans l’article sur la version de lancement de Warframe iOS.

The fix we're waiting for is the new war because I've been playing the game for 5 days now because I can't remove the masks of veiled people, and before that even when you make a kuva lich you can't convert it or kill it because even its touch keys are buggy. I lost my boosters because of the new war since I can't complete the quest and I can't play the game as well. That's great!

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I don't know if this is an issue with my phone or something else, but every time I try to download the game, it loads well for a minute or two, but always freezes somewhere between 20-30% while the download time continues to go up. Once I left it downloading for about an hour, came back and it was at 21% with 20 hours remaining. Left it for an other hour and it hadn't budged. Currently it is stuck at 31%. It has been going for about 20 minutes and it was downloading fine for the first few minutes, but it hasn't moved past 31% and the download time is just going up. 

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We still can’t complete The Sacrifice due to a bug where you cannot place the stones in that minigame like the game asks you to, also you should add an option where you can toggle the logs, people that plays with 4 fingers like me struggles with it since it pops up in the screen all the time.


Theres also a bug with the movement buttons where if you press slide and quickly press jump the camera does a bit turn upwards or downwards, making it impossible to play with 4 fingers, i also think the game is not supported to play like that though.


And finally mobile players cannot use the chat properly (we cant open links, we cant even write in the chat search bar and also we cannot press on players names, instead it takes it like if we pressed 5 names above the name we wanted to press.)

idk if this is the right place to put all this but i wanted to let it out.



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Forgot to add thangs
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Latest iOS when posting this comment and 15 Pro Max, I have seen the following bugs while playing the game with OVERLAY NAVIGATION BUTTONS (no external hardware):

-          Loading UI with the spinning countdown circle is over the avatars of me and the other players.

-          When clicked on UI button for extractor drones (Circle with an extractor drone picture) for gathering resources from, it automatically closes after a brief animation. (Good that I have swift mods equipped IRL, so I can retrieve them, before it closes)

-          Can not modify screen placement of the gear wheel and minimap when customizing overlay buttons.

-          When you stop holding over Invasions missions panel for reward information, it automatically moves your star chart to that planet. 

-          As mentioned before - spamming multiple parkour buttons and moving manually the camera, sometimes it rotates itself automatically to weird angle/direction.

-          Spamming bullet jump button locks you in crouched position when animations are over.

-          Switching to Operator Mode, not always updates the visual icons of skills of that school. (For example - I am casting energy waves from Zenurik School with the visual skill icon of Rhino's Charge - First Skill)

-          I crashed once only at the end of the mission (Loot/EXP Screen)

-          I cannot see my chat overlay button in missions (Maybe I am blind? Correct me if wrong, thx)

-          Menu for modding is so glitchy and a surgeon qualification is in need sometimes to hit those tiny buttons. Sometimes it marks all available mods, resizes them and they are not shrinking back to normal state unless re-opening the upgrade menu.

-          Creating blank account with Apple ID and then deleting it in matter to continue my PC account, does NOT revert back/show my original name as this one on PC/Forums. (I am stuck with another nickname, when playing from my phone). It would be nice if you make the main login screen more user-friendly. Add extra login buttons for example: “[PC], [XBOX]” accounts, so people are less confused how-to login. (*Insert* Instructions not clear *Meme*).


Things I look forward to having amazing experience:

-          Power consumption efficiency... It draws so much power on 60 Hz, compared to other big titles (Would love 120 Hz refresh rate option, when it comes time)

-          Better performance/optimization overall for all mobile devices and more graphical settings (I regularly have fps stutters with low graphics preset after couple waves of defense)

-          More options, custom bindings, and better responsiveness of the overlay buttons

-          Overlay button for quick-checking mission progress (rewards, exp…)

-          Gyroscope to be an option, so I can properly aim and parkour.


I might have missed to share all encountered “Bug-uettes” and cannot wait for the future tweaks that will make touch screen ninjas "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger"

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