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From what i see, i think mag is... twerking on excals head... and shes looking at those box headed guys which i think are corpus, and weirdly the ones talking are the cube and the floating ash helmet... its... very abstract...

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Alright I give up....

Mag, obviously angry is arguing with Corpus Forces while she is holding down Excalibur just because.
Her senti, AngryKoreanDeathcube is tired of watching her angry all the time and asking other sentis for help.
Since Djinn (wiki the name and its meaning if you don't get the joke) didn't make it, he is asking Shade for help.

Shade promises that DeathCube will not "SEE" her angry again.

Get, it? Get it?

Seriously even blonds can get this caricature... why can't you?  mehhhh

ps: AngryKoreanDeathCube is male... 100%

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