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Impossible Mission


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Sedna. Low level planet. Sounds about easy right?

Bring your baddest and quickest equipment and do the mission in a quickie.


For starters it's difficult to even get to the consoles. The amount of spawns is huge, then they start showing up from behind, while Seekers keep throwing electrifying rollers and at the same time there's about double the explosive ones and triple the rollers, along side a few heavy gunners and non-stop shooting from everywhere.

With a team of four, we had a difficult time getting there. So, just imagine.

Now, finally on the consoles. These kinds of missions have always been easy.

A low amount of enemies spawn and you move on.

Nope, once again.

As soon as you hit the bloody keyboard key to hack the console, every freaking Grineer from every other freaking planet, will go down on you. The spawn is immense and terrifying because as soon as you're done with one, five more are already there to replace them.

And it was the same thing. Seekers; Gunners; Grenades; Rollers; Everyone getting electrified or downed. They were appearing from every corner, hiding in every spot and shooting from any way.

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The mobile defense mission at the start? Had a blast! More missions need to be that brutal. Was actually kind of sad that the same level of difficulty didn't keep up throughout the zone after that mission. I just go around pelting Grineer in the face with my Lato Vandal, not having to do much else. Pew pew.

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