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How to build Ash?


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Steps to building ANY (but Loki, Volt, Excalibur)!

1. Go to the link above!

2. Find out who the boss is and where he lives, depending on your frame! (Sargus Ruk drops Ember, lives in Tethys, Saturn).

3. Go where the bugger lives, and punch him!

4. Hard!

5. Often!

6. Repeat until you have HELMET, CHASSIS, SYSTEMS blueprints for your frame.

7. Check the FOUNDRY for required mats to build those.

8. Go to Earth to farm Rubedo (Helmet & Chassis).

9. Kill the Hyena on Neptune for a good shot at a Control Module (Systems).

10. Scrounge Venus for Alloy Plates (Helmet).

11. Kill the Golem in Jupiter for Neural Sensors (Helmet).

12. And so on for the other materials.

13. Once you have all materials, build the three parts, takes 12 hours.

14. Acquire the Masterblueprint from the Market - for 25000 or 35000 Credits, depending on frame.

15. Once all three parts are done, use the Masterblueprint to build your frame.

16. Wait 3 days.

17. ???

18. Profit!

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Okay, I don't understand one:

Alloy Plates are using to build griner aromor (thats I read in the description) , but we can find it only on wenus where aren't griners. (for me alloy plates should drop griners).

Most funny is that I'm getting warframe parts blueprints when I don't expect this(when I try farm I'm not getting)

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