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  1. I'm playing Warfeame on a passively cooled 1030 without auxilary power, stuffed into an office PC at stable 30fps, and I have multiple PT kills on this rig. Something's off with your settings, bud.
  2. When they existed in 2013, they did. People got nuked into permanent negative values. DE tried, the community showed it can't behave, the riots took over the forums and choked all other chatter. Nah. We're good.
  3. I wonder what the purpose of this thread is.
  4. It's almost like the clan interface and systems are a little dated, eh, chaps? Because S#&$ still works like back when Moacaust and Balloon Popping happened in 2013.
  5. When the voting system was introduced, people got downvoted into oblivion, with mountain clans sending hundreds of users to pour over threads. Someone would make a slightly controversial or unpopular post and get dozens to literal hundreds of downvotes within a few hours. The responses were despair, metacomplaints about downvoters and outcries. "DE, do something". Source:
  6. Oh hey, it's another 844448 meme thread. Farming those likes, I see. Your crop looks a little sickly, though.
  7. Whether DE does something for CSD/Pride or not is irrelevant. This is a videogame, and a videogame company. They aren't lawmakers, they aren't a social movement or civil rights platform. Raising flags, showing colors, acting divisive and pointing blame and fingers isn't going to solve this social hot button issue. As long as there's no peaceful coexistence, without screaming and "in your face" on either side, as long as people don't finally and irrevocably understand that everyone should have a right to their own bodies and it's no one's business (in any capacity) to judge that, nor should it have any role whatsoever who puts what where dressing how, we're not gonna get over this. The corporate greed of trying to curry favour with the masses by appealing to the Zeitgeist does not equate support for anyone but the bottom line. Pepsi doesn't give two hecks about student protests. Coca-Cola doesn't give three hecks about Christmas. They care about money. Just let each other be. Just stop making an ass out of yourself for the sake of what happens in the privacy of your homes. Just stop applying your norms and beliefs to others. People gotta learn to identify the things that matter, such as systemic abuse of workers, increasing distance between management and employees, rising tensions, climate change, the resurgence of fatal child illnesses that had been thought defeated, and a general political fatigue in the civilized world due to a large disconnect of those in power and those voting for them. It really should not matter who someone loves. Where they shop. It's a boring and exhausting topic, because it is so utterly inane, and shouldn't even be a topic at all - it should be common sense that you and I like different things, and as long as my things don't impact yours and vice versa, that's a-okay. This is a game for adults. Digital Extremes isn't your surrogate parents, teaching you basic human decency and tolerance. And yeah, that goes either side of the camp. It may have never come back, but it sure as heckie wasn't removed. The worst palette rip-off ever, but I feel like that's a funny/sardonic joke about capitalism or something.
  8. Thankfully, the Ropalolyst wasn't the event, nor the topic of this thread and you can return to blaming millenials for everything without posting more offtopic hyperbole.
  9. Right, DE is making pubs leave after wave 5 or 10 instead of 20 or 40. Sound logic, tracks. Because them leaving is a product of peer-to-peer hosting. Also logical. Makes sense. Get out.
  10. This entire thread, the complaints about the Wolf, the complaints about the melee nullies a few days ago, all of that is a distinct sign of people not wanting challenging fights that are clutch and tough. What a lot of people seem to want is a) large numbers, such as "level 200", and b) effortlessly killing them with over-powered gear, only to then turn around and say, and think, they did well. As soon as they can't nuke a room or double-tap an enemy, it's all doom and gloom, and my favorite brand of complainers comes out of the wood-works: "tHinK oF tHE neWBiEs dE!!!11" So yeah, that's a power fantasy. A fake challenge, ending with player dominance, as means of escapism. Where the victory is assured and resistance is token. Warframe would need the armor scaling fixed, the basic damage mods melded into the weapons, and every other mod cut down in half by effect. Multiplier effects need to go way, way down, and then there can be a much more level playing field, where players still have agency and effect, but no longer sleepwalk through missions. But then it would lose a lot of its core; which is a horde shooter where players are these nigh undefeatable gods of war.
  11. I know I could lose a few pounds, but calling me large is kinda mean, don'tchu think?
  12. Melee Nullies already have been nerfed, and not just a little, because people were sad about them.
  13. It's power fantasy vs. challenge. The community is split down the middle, with some wanting to be challenged and do more than lord of the life and death of pixel piles, while others want to be god among mortals, upon waves of enemies crash, without any dent in the shining armor. I for one like the Nullies and the melee Nullies, too. They're sadly a little easy to kill - a two-shot with a high alpha weapon, or a simple hosing down with a fast firing weapon. And if you can spare the ability cast, just jump in and take the fight to them - best way to deal with Arctic Eximus dudes, too. But, again. Personal preference. Power Fantasy vs. Challenge.
  14. You don't have to explain anything, to anyone. You said more than enough, quite prominently.
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