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  1. Vauban and Ember are, objectively the worst frames, and between those two, Ember is the weaker one. Vauban's CC can, at least, do something (against non-Nullies), and Nyx is almost entirely fine. Zephyr is far from being the worst. Her kit is odd, her mod requirements are odd, her hp/energy/shield/armor distribution is odd, but she can work even in higher level areas. Nyx, post soft-rework, ist solid. Not great, not horrible, just all around middle of the way mediocre. But she got CC, armor strip, mitigation and mind control is kinda dumb. Vauban struggles, because while his CC works, he got no mitigation. Ember struggles because she has no CC, no mitigation, no damage. But those four will always be perceived as the worst frames these days, I suppose.
  2. I'll full-on accept the first part, and that's entirely subjective. The latter part doesn't match up, though. I'll admit that "fast operator" movement is highly skill-based twitch controls that take time to master, and it's so fundamentally different from frames that it can seem both daunting and initially unrewarding, but considering that our Teeno are super-fast, super-tanky, super-sneaky, they only lack in one aspect, and that's damage beyond level 30 enemies. They suck vs. scaling-up enemies. Other than that, Teeno are quite fine.
  3. Ropelolist dies to Zephyr in a few minutes.
  4. It's a path way to more variant animations in the future. Don't be sad about now, but look towards the future.
  5. Uhm. ‘10 perfect conservations’ reduced to ‘6 different perfect conservations’ ‘10 Bounties’ reduced to ‘5 different Bounties’ Can we get a clarification here? Does this mean get 6x perfect capture on 6x individual calls, or does this mean 6x different animals? Currently, it's "get 10x perfect captures", which can be done in 4 pobber calls. Does this mean we need to play Bounties T1-T5, or does this mean, play Bounty T1, wait 2.5h for rotation, play different Bounty T1?
  6. Alerts had less overall Nitain and Taters than Nightwave. Alerts didn't go at your pace, but it was you snooze, you lose.
  7. Moin, wenn ihr im Spiel Fehler im deutschen Text findet, egal wo, postet das bitte hier rein. Idealerweise so, dass wir das auch finden. Beispiele: • "Lokis Decoy hat eine englische Beschreibung." • "Jöllenkammer soll wohl Höllenkammer sein." • "Beim Warrior-Modul von Wyrm ist Angriff mit einem f geschrieben." Wir kümmern uns dann zeitnah darum. Na gut. ;)
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