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Help I Need To Decide Which Warframe I Should Get


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I've been playing the Saryn and I like it.


1 I didn't really like this skill until i ranked it up and started going against packs of 20+ infested.

2 This is easily the most helpful ability, it will pretty much take all agro and it lasts up to 20 seconds at rank 3

3 50 energy and pretty much useless for me.

4 Really good for killing _everything_

I mainly just use 2 and occasionally 1 when there are big groups of enemies attacking the decoy. There is a cast time on 1, 3 and 4, however 2 is instant. I've got volt, excalibur(prime), ash and saryn and I like saryn the most, just because the decoy is so strong!

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I have Ember. Her skills are almost completely useless outside of infested missions. Her appearance is pretty much the only good thing about her, in my opinion. I have not used Saryn yet but as long as she has at least one useful skill she will be better than Ember.

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Of the two, Saryn.

Ignore her 1 and 3 abilities until they are fixed and/or redesigned. Level 18 Saryn. Her Decoy and AoE nuke work well together, but small range on her AoE nuke.

If you want to have a good 4 and nuke groups, go Mag with range increase and such with Coil helm. Huge radius.

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