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[Suggestions] A Few Suggestions For Future Updates


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I have a few suggestions that maybe some of the community can agree on.

First, the level cap. I believe as of now, the level cap is at 30. Some planets have a larger level to play on, which is frustrating, as I can no longer level up the warframe. Instead, I have to scower the galaxy for parts for another warframe to create

Secondly, more places to go to. I know there are new enviroments to roam around in being developed but maybe more planets, moons or maybe add comets. Some people may not agree with the comet idea but more over the planets and moons.

I hope some of these ideas are considered for future updates of this incredible game. Thank you for your time.

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First, Level cap was said to stay at 30, if you have the right mods, you can easily do Pluto solo with any Frame.

Second, They're working on the areas... they're adding more moons to the missions list if you haven't noticed yet. I heard that they might even be adding another Galaxy that'll be higher level and might buff up frames that pass the current galaxy so they would be able to do the next... or something in that relation.

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