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Now You Can Never Go Home


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This is a rather unlikely one to see, I'd bet. I managed to strand myself in a mission since the game thought I'd already got into the ship to leave after the mission completed.

1. Complete the mission objectives in a squad of any size

2. You stand at the extraction point. Anywhere where the "waiting for other players" timer is present, meaning you are close enough that you would trigger the leaving cutscene normally

3. You need to force a new session to be established. This could either be due to a host migration or you losing connection for a moment and being dropped into your own session.

4. The sound of the extraction cutscene should now be playing but you're still in the mission and can move around normally.

5. If you turn around, the slot you are normally extracted in should be gone and you can run out into space!

Anyway, at this point you're stuck in the mission with no way to leave except quitting.

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