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Passed First Rank Test - Boltor Or Strum?


Hi all,

I have a rank 30 Burston at the moment (it is actually not too bad after maxed its ranks and stuffed it with all sorts of mods).

I've seen players using Boltor with great effectiveness; this is especially evident vs Ancients, and the fire rate is fast enough to kill hoards of enemy.

Now that I passed my first rank test, I am debating between Boltor vs one of the shotguns - I am thinking Strum (some players used it with great effectiveness). What would you recommned?

Also, what is the overcharge ability? Is it using one of the reactors to boost the weapon's mod capacity?


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Ehhh... If any shotgun in particular was availible, I'd say Hek... only good shotgun.

So yea, Boltor is a good gun. Have a Bolto with it and you got a railgun happy set :)

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