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Melee Weapons


I'm currently building Saryn, and I'm looking into melee weapons...which one/ones is/are the best?

I know next to nothing about melee, I have never used it. I main Volt and I tend to just use my powers and a gun, neglecting melee.

As a sidenote, I got the Plasma Sword blueprints...is that better, a sidegrade, or worse compared to Fragor/Scindo?

Thanks in advance.

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Can't tell you much about the Plasma Sword (except to drool over it a little) since I've never used it. I understand it's pretty good.

I picked up the Cronus very early on, and that serve me well, until I got curious and bought the Dual Zoren. Less powerful, but they strike multiple enemies, where the Cronus only strikes one at a time.

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