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Not receiving items


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Hey all, I recently purchased a Warframe avatar set with the money we start with and for some reason the set has not been added to my skins or any place that I can see.

Plus I'm not receiving the log in items, I've checked my inventory and nothing to be seen :( .

Is this suppose to happen for testing purpose or is it a bug?

any help will be great, thanks in advance.

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Bought it too but have still no idea what I actually bought :/ Where is it and how can I select it and what difference is it supposed to make? Initially I thought it was for the forum avatars but not so much...

Please elaborate!


OK, I guess I found out. It's for the Avatar-Pic in the upper left corner where ones overall stats are shown. Weirdly enough I had pics of all the Warframes I bought which in turn makes buying the Bundle quite useless. I can't imagine anyone who wants to show a different pic than the Warframe he is using anyways... I'm still confused?!?!

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