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  1. My honoured Tenno, I hope you like my arrows - if you don't feel like reading, those arrows are what we're developing to ship soon. Warframes 3: You've seen Hildryn and Wisp (two of the three upcoming Warframes). Deck 12 - Exploiter: There's been cryptic videos in both of this year's Devstreams... blink and you'll miss it. Something is coming and I'm not just thinking about the Opticor Vandal. The Gas City has been developing week over week and it's way more than 'just' an art remaster. Melee: is something I tweet about (maybe too much)? The 'Wolf of Saturn' stands out as something that replaces Alerts, gives challenges, and introducers new characters. But it's February - and none of it's live. We are developing it all - and pushing ourselves to deliver innovation and quality very soon (because we know you're probably bored waiting). Sooooon: You can expect a full Melee Phase 1 workshop with diagrams, videos, and information next week. This tells you everything you need to know about our roll out plans and changes. The Melee changes themselves aren't coming this week. You can expect a full 'What's happening to Alerts' workshop next week as well - bye bye 'pay to sleep'. In the coming weeks, the Wolf will howl. Also in the coming weeks a PC mainline update that brings you Hildryn, 'Exploiter', and Melee Phase 1 (it'll be part of the mainline, not coming this week). Now I have to go finish all these things with the team, send coffee.
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