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Sound Issues / Bug - Allied Sounds / Enemy Sounds


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First off - My apologies for making a Duplicate post - this was cut and pasted from another Forum Thread as I found this one is the right one.


Seeing as there is no Sound feedback section, I put it here as it is affecting gameplay in a sense.

Though if there is another place to put this, I ask it to be moved to the relevant spot, as I couldn't find it.

Now - I wonder if anyone else has had an issue with the sound?

Playing briefly with friends over a couple of computer systems. We've ran into issues with the sound, where the sound of our allies and enemies are loud. Even if we set our sound options to low. We will hear reload and firing of weapons as tremendous sounds. One of my friends won't even play the game as it gets randomly loud during missions as well. That some of the levels designs amplify certain sounds, but are not effected by the lowering of the volume in game.

So to put this simply ::

1 - Lowering the Volume doesn't change Interruptive Sound.

2 - Sounds in certain levels are boosted, no matter what volume SFX, Speech, etc is set to.

3 - We've found through trial and error, that Speech Volume effects this random input of Sound Effects (From reloading, Gunfire and Enemies dying)

4 - No matter how low you set your personal volume, your Allies reloads / sounds as well as Enemy powers are at full volume.


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