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Global Map - Teams Disappear After Choosing


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after U7 noticed that quite often trying to join someone playing the game results in all teams disappearing from the planet, as if moving to solo play? The only option then is to start a game in hope for someone joining. Wasn't an issue before the update.

Quite a similar thing happens during alert missions: joins, start to countdown, when at 0, screen darkens and then message pop ups saying I was disconnected. Happens like 3-5 times in a row before allowing to start an alert.

And a quick one: space doens't work sometimes. Might be just my old keyboard then, but it never happened when typing text.

Many thanks,

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I get those exact same issue too. It's quite annoying, to say the least.

It's insanely frustrating when you see an alert mission with a random reward, but you keep getting disconnected from the group right as you try to join...

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