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Lost Progress And Items Due To Attack



I was sent to the forums by support regarding a ticket from the issue this morning.


Here was my ticket:

"The servers went down at 0630 on Tuesday morning April 15th and we lost all progress, keys, and mods from the 55 mimnute survival run on Phalan, Eris. The three things I know we lost were Tower 3 Capture, Tower 2 Capture, and Tower 3 Defense keys and 112 mods. Players involved were me, *****, and *****."


Their response was an apology and "For questions about restoring lost items or compensation for lost time on boosters, please visit our forums."


Where am I supposed to look exactly? I understand they are dealing with a major issue right now but they've been good about compensating server failures in the past and this feels like they sent me here to get a pat on the back and consoling words from other victims of the attack..... but this is the internet. I expect you guys to really lay into me. <3 :D

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a pat on the back is exactly what it is.


What do you expect. there are HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of players losing progress and theres nothing they can do about it that they arent aready doing.


what makes you special enough to not only clog up their support, but also the forums?


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Yeah i was on roche myself doing a small exterminate with my ember prime. i had just finished the mission and was getting on the escape ship and as it was about to take off screen goes black and i still hear phobas ambient background sounds........then the heartbeat of my character about to die.......apparently i then tried to get back on the login launcher was empty.....could not get on at all.

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I really don't like how community react to DDoS. DE have been attacked and you care only about your items.

There are some developers who treats community much worse than DE like APB Reloaded where admin using hacks will ban you if you mention this to him those who played this game should know this. 

I don't understand why players blame DE you think they specialy doing nothing? They are trying their best to fix this.

DE always treat their players good and now players blame them for DDoS and this isn't their mistake. I think someone should at least show some respect to them.


Keep up the good work DE.

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