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The Idiocracy Clan, Brought To You By Carl's Jr.


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We're small right now at two members, but we've got plenty to offer. We have: a very large 3 floor dojo with all labs, a lot of research done (hopefully all within the next week or two), obstacle course, dueling room, trading post, and observatory. I am currently MR 8 and our other member is MR 4. We welcome anyone who is enthusiastic about the game, no matter what your experience level. Your level of participation is completely up to you.


By choosing a small clan, your voice won't be lost in the crowd. But we also understand the need to pool resources and work with larger groups, thus we will be joining an alliance shortly. After building one solar rail on our own, we definitely realize the need to pool resources :)


Whether you want to play every day or just login once a week, we have a place for you. You'll never be obligated to contribute for anything or to play a certain amount. We just offer a laid-back place to hang out and enjoy the game.


Feel free to contact me here or in-game if you'd like to join or if you'd like more information.

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