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Nobody Wants 24 More Hours Of Not Being Able To Use The Dark Sectors


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"All active or pending Dark Sector conflicts/deploys have been extended by 1 day(24 hours) to make up for the lack of playability during this downtime."


Ignoring the DDOS downtime which will probably be over in less than 24 hours (whenever the guy with the botnet gets bored), that's 72 hours now of useless after the previous 24 of being able to farm the dark sectors.


The conflicts were cool for maybe 3 or 5 runs, but that's really all they offer. These things should be shorter than infestations, not longer than the credits vs credits invasions that nobody cares about. You're just making it worse here.

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I'm just wondering how an eclipse node on jupiter received 72+hrs from this.... seems pretty suspicious as they were losing it and have moved credit rewards from other nodes to that one, plus the time boost.


But yeah, no one wants the extra time on those nodes, but we do want reimbursement for credfinisource boosters.

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But sorry DE, love this new endgame idea, it was just too early to put out -I'd trade test access to the unfinished Focus system over Dark Sectors as it is now.


Until *contested* Dark Sectors can be refined/tested/tweaked some more, uncontested offers the most. Jupiter is on a 70hr timer for heavens sake here...


Time to give Founders 'early preview access' to new updates for additional QA testing.


I made more tangible progress during the DDOS attack with uncontested zones than I will with these longer contested

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