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Warframe Concept: Warg


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Health: 150 (350 @ Rank 30)

Shields: 75 (150 @ Rank 30)

Armor: 120

Power: 100 (125 @ Rank 30)

Stamina: 150

Sprint: 1.30

Once thought by the ancients to be a creature of myth, the Warg is a definite symbol of things primal and feral. Time has abated none of theses traits, but instead intensified his need for the hunt and provided an abundance of prey.

The Warg Warframe has an emphasis on speed, stealth and attack, sacrificing shields and maximum energy reserve, making energy management important.

1st Ability: Feral Charge - Warg charges enemies ahead of him in the blink of an eye, knocking them down and inflicting any who survive with momentary bleeding.

(Upgrading this ability extends the range and increases the damage dealt to enemies.)

2nd Ability: Predator's Shroud - Cloaks Warg and increases damage done by melee, thrown and bow weapons for a time. Use of other weapons immediately dispels this shroud.

(Upgrading this ability extends the shroud's duration.)

3rd Ability: Bloodlust - Warg unleashes an unnatural howl that momentarily terrifies foes in the area while granting himself and his allies heightened speed and damage.

(Upgrading this ability slightly increases duration and damage.)

4th Ability: Call the Pack - Summons a number of shadow wolves to attack all enemies in the area. The wolves' attacks inflict high damage, bleeding and slow all enemy movements.

(Upgradig this ability increases the duration, number of wolves and each wolf's damage per attack.)

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I like the idea here, but the lore does not fit Warframe in its current state. The main thing I have a problem with is "creature of myth". Tenno are not creatures, they are ancient warriors affected by the Void's storm, giving them god-like abilities.


I really like this theme, though. Perhaps with a little revision in the lore, and a little luck, this could make it into the game.

Great to see we still have some creative Tenno on the forums!

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