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Swordsman Frame


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Hey guys my name is Ivan, Z3GR4M on the forums and in game... nice to meet y'all.

Anyway I've been wanting to contribute to Warframe somehow for a while now but I never really felt inspired and I haven't really drawn anything in like 7 years so I'm ultra rusty, but I use to doodle in school and college a lot, even went to art school but that didn't work out. Enough about me lol, so Melee 2.0 came out and I kinda felt that urge to draw and create, I've been imagining a melee Warframe in my head for a while now and when I saw the Ninkana, well I think that gave me the push I needed to come on here and toss out my idea.

Basically if you ever played Final Fantasy X and got the summon Yojimbo, and have played Otogi or Otogi 2 back for the OG XBOX, and then combined those 2 it would look like something along the lines of how I envision it. I'm not sure if there needs to be a format as to how I should post this or anything, but I don't think that maters I'm just spitballin a concept here lol. Anyway let me start with the abilities I've come up with.

1. Sharp Edge - Pure buff ability that would basically increase melee damage as well as bleed damage from your melee weapons.

2. Air Slash - This would be a mid range attack that would allow the swordsman frame to basically fire a continuous stream of uh... air slashes... I guess lol... Imagine if you will like crescent projectiles coming out of your Ninkana or whatever other Melee weapon. They wouldn't be terribly powerful but it would be a continuous thing at the cost of draining your energy at lets say 10 energy a projectile or something.

3. Clone - The swordsman frame creates x amount of clones who basically function as weaker player frames, they have no ranged attack just melee, and they would have like lets say 50% of the effectiveness of the swordsman frame or something along those lines, but would basically act as AI players, and attack enemies.

4. Slice & Dice - The ultimate basically cuts up enemies in an radius, imagine the swordsman standing there then barely unsheathing his sword, kinda mirage disappearing, all enemies in a x range would display like stagger/slash animations with air slashes cutting continuously, it would be a powerful short DoT, if it kills an enemy then they are basically cut into ribbons, as in they get cut up 4 ways or however many animations are possible, and the swordsman frame would mirage reappear and sheathe his sword, when the sword/melee weapon goes back in the hilt or your back then all the enemies would fall apart simultaneously.

OK, I hope that those power concepts make sense and are understandable, also the names are just placeholders really, I'm not really good at naming stuff. I got some sketches and as soon as I figure out how to upload them I'll post them up. All I got are pics on my phone or maybe if I can figure out how to get my scanner to work I'll scan them... I'll probably upload on Photobucket if that's still a thing lol, I don't upload pics much.

Here's some pics.


and a close up...


Alright, there you go, I doubt I'm gonna do like a full drawing but if I ever decide to give it the full treatment I'll post it up here.

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No it's ok, I think we need one too lol. I ash is a stealth ninja ish thing, excal is well. I just think there can be more "swordsman" like skill sets. Hell it;s not like other frame borrow concepts from each other already. So, why not.

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No it's ok, I think we need one too lol. I ash is a stealth ninja ish thing, excal is well. I just think there can be more "swordsman" like skill sets. Hell it;s not like other frame borrow concepts from each other already. So, why not.

That's fair, I'd just like to see more weapon-focused frames as they'd be something we don't already have.  ex https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/209192-warframe-concept-the-fox/

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First off




That will tell you how to upload pictures. It's incredibly easy and also use Imgur because your don't gotta sign in and sign up and it does the BB code for you.


Now onto the concept.


Ash is largely based around stealth which involves melee but isn't melee, it's stealth.

Excalibur is much melee based (not focused on stealth, even though Ash can own Excalibur in melee) Excalibur is...I wouldn't say weak or underpowered but he's not overpowered like most other Frames. He requires more work to get the same result that other Frames get by simply pressing '4'.


I agree that we should get a fully fledged melee orientated Frame that can rival the other Frames when facing level 90+ enemies. That being said, the workings of such a Frame are a little more complicated then others who are based on defense, power, crowd control, support, etc. To be efficient at Melee one must be;


-Fast to get into melee range

-Quick to kill

-Semi-durable to withstand the barrage of attacks it will take to get within proper range of the target


To achieve this I think his abilities should be altered to what you have in mind. Nothing drastic really though.


1.Sharp Edge should also give a defensive boost. A good defense is a good offense.

 -Make it simply decrease the damage you take (would have major balancing problems)

 -When activated, give it a small duration period in which it takes the damage taken and turns it into armor (Like the new Snowglobe)

 -Give him something like turbulence which deflects the attacks, thus removing to option of being damaged in the first place.


2.Air Slash should give little damage but has a high stun chance, allowing you to get in close and finish them off. It should also have a small AoE like Nekros's Soul Punch (expect upon hitting the first thing it hits and not "A solid object" like SP) allowing you to stun mobs. I should mention that this ability would require new animations for each weapon or it would look awkward.


3. Clone seems good. If it anything like Nekros's SotD though it would be a waste of time (Their AI is completely horrible) So as long as it has decent AI and can actually attack enemies, this one would work out nicely. Maybe allow it to take aggro when summoned to get the heat off of the Frames back.


4.Slice and Dice seems alright for a placeholder. In my opinion though (coming from someone who practice with swords), swordmanship is all about skill, timing, and reflexes. I think the Ult should reflect that and be more interactive and skillful rather then pressing '4'. It may make him incredibly unpopular because I found that in most games, anything that takes skill is considered a waste of time. So I don't know about the Ult.


Anywho just my opinion. I would love to see a real melee Frame. If you want any help on the art, hit me up. It's also been awhile for me but I'd be glad to help.

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Thanks dude for that link, and sure take a crack at it, if you wanna draw some concepts or color it or whatever knock yourself out, I may or may not eventually do like a complete drawing, but I don't mind if people mess with it.

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