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Clan Emblem, White Border


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Not sure where this belongs in feedback. So I put it in general

This bothers me a lot with the emblem my clan has got because it has a lot of relatively thin lines, and when you look at it on a warframe or sentinel it makes all of them look white with only hints of color.


While the image itself looks a lot clearer in the clan tab.


I think our emblem and many others would look a lot cleaner if the white border was made lesser or removed entirely.

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actually no its not because your res hasn't changed thats correct but the clan emblem on the clan screen is not going to be the same size as the one they but on your arm its the same 128x128 (i think thats the max) picture but they shrunk it so you dont got a giant picture on your arm while they make it bigger so you don't got a tiny little picture that pops up when looking at your clan

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