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Nightmare And Hardcore Plus Insane Mode


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How about a hardcore mode, but without the Nightmare effects for every planet. You unlock this mode by defeating the boss of each planet and derelict. raise that enemy level. raise their attack power,etc.


A mode that buffs the enemies rather than nerfs the tenno so more silly no shields, no more silly no energy, no more silly this and that.


Everyone ignores nightmare but no one likes fighting low level enemies their sentinels kill before they do and no one likes the nerfs nightmare gives you.


So how about it?


And what's the incentive to do hardcore. Why better drop rates of course. More credits, etc. Especially when you do alerts in Hardcore.


Ad perhaps an insane mode to have level 100-200 or up level 500 enemies especially starting off with that in defense, survival and such and maybe mobile defense and new missions.

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So you want your enemies to be better bullet sponges?


Sure. And since our abilities aren't taken away, we'll just CC stun-lock and shoot their helpless asses until they're dead.


We just need to give Nightmare mode more incentive to play.


The Nightmare mods aren't enough for anyone to leave NM Venus and the NM Sabotage/Exterminate/Assassination modes (quickly done).


How about certain mods such as...Oh, I don't know...Maybe the stance mods drop only in Nightmare mode?

Too hard? Fine, NM game modes drop Uncommon-Rare mods only.


We could go for boosted affinity/credit/resource drops, but DS already takes care of that (to some degree).

Although the fact that DS can be in eternal conflict and prevent playing the content is a big enough problem that we could probably do this anyway and not effect DS's any worse than they already are.

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I proposed this a 100 times already.

Make every planet available in level 35 and once more in level 60 or something.

Raise the mod-drop rarity and resource gain accordingly and we finally have a reason to mod our warframes to the max again.


I love some of the early tilesets (especially Jupiter) but I'm sick and tired of running it, because it just boring!

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