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Some Testing On The Glaive Prime Explosion



So been trying to figure out what the hell the Glaive Prime explosion does, damage wise.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, the thread is here: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/211829-power-throw-makes-thrown-weapons-explode/#entry2476143

Did testing without the stance, it's being elusive.

After some exhaustive testing, I can't quite get any theory to fit (assuming this is because of off numbers in the arsenal/codex) - the closest I can come up with is that it arbitrarily adds 45.45% damage to base then applies the modifier;

-A base Glaive Prime hits for 35 (or 37 against shields). The explosion hits for 51 on my shields. 35*1.45=51

-Pressure Point and Spoiled Strike both increase the damage done: 163 dmg on explosion to shields.

-163 dmg to my shields only does 96 to my health (117 ignoring my armor), which roughly follows the expected result after calculating I/P/S modifiers (92/117.7)

Now here's where it gets really weird

Damage done to enemies is much higher than damage done to yourself.

I have no idea why.

-The same basic setup that does 163 damage to my shields, does 287 damage to a lancer @ lvl 1 with CP, so 70 armor = 354 base damage.

-That's ~80% more than I'd expected, from testing against myself. It's 2.53x more than the base damage shown in Arsenal.

-Assuming this has something to do with the melee changes in 2.0 being more effective, but not sure why enemies take ~80% more damage than you do.

-Even more bizarre - a basic, regular thrown attack hits for 417! Thats 3.67x more than I'd expect from the arsenal.

My Void build uses +220% dmg and +210% Corrosive Damage. I also use CP aura.

-Against a lvl 20 gunner, was directly hitting for 2131 damage. The explosion was hitting for only 2035 damage.

-The slight drop in damage supports the theory that the IPS damage was converted to something less effective, like impact

-Using my new calculations, I would guess at the following damage:

Thrown attack - 112 IPS 235.2 Corrosive

Modifiers: ~114 base 411.6 corrosive * 3.67x = 418.4 base 1510.572 = 1928.9

485 Armor: 159.89 base + 1075.78 corr = 1235.66

Obviously I don't have a working formula.

I'd expect 43.5 base + 293.1 corr = 336.6 from the arsenal, and getting 6.33x more than expected against the Gunners. So now I'm just totally confused.

So basically I can tell you what influences the explosion, but I can't even guess at how much damage it'll do.

-The rank of Power Throw is irrelevant, and Killing Blow has no influence on damage done (when not channeled).

-Combo multipliers do effect the damage, as you'd expect

-Adding +I/P/S mods does NOT influence the damage done by the explosion

-Adding an element adds that element proportionally to the damage done by the explosion, and keeps that added element's modifier. +60% cold = 309 explosion damage to shields = 163 + 163*.6*1.5 = 309.7

-Similarly, adding toxin damage will cause that portion of the damage to bypass shields.

-The explosion can headshot, but cannot apply status effects.

Edit: I'm not totally sure, but I was getting random 4x damage sometimes on thrown attack with an Excal in the group. The thrown damage might be getting the stealth modifier during the stun animation for Radial Blind.

Anyone have a working theory for this damage? It's driving me nuts.

Hell, even an explanation of how thrown damage works would help immensely.

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Thanks for investigating this. Unfortunately, the amount of damage I'm taking varies immensely. Sometimes I'll take about 30 points of shield damage, other times I'll take a little less than half of my shield and my health will be cut to about 50 from 300 (likely due to Toxin damage, though this doesn't happen all the time which is weird), and in elevators I'll outright down myself (rather embarrassing for those who like to chuck their glaive while going down elevators). Crit, maybe? And the distance doesn't seem to matter, either. So it's all over the place for me.

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Jesus, I must be tired. Theres a 'Charged Attack' value shown in the arsenal.


The 320% dmg setup shows 336 charged attack, which deals 163 damage to my shields, 117 to my health, and 287 to a lancer = 354 damage before armor, which is close enough, given enemy multiplers.


Doesn't explain the gunner damage tho. That setup shows 1041.6 charged attack, but hits for 2131 damage.

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Thanks for investigating this. Unfortunately, the amount of damage I'm taking varies immensely.

Weird. I'm consistently getting the same damage to myself. I am having some abberant numbers when throwing at enemies - for a short time I was thinking that return passes were doing more damage, lol!

The long and short of it is the thrown+explosion is awesome.

If you throw through an enemy's head, hit a wall close enough to explode on them, and it returns through the head, its like hitting the guy 5 times with a thrown attack - and like meleeing them 30 times! I was oneshotting gunners up to like lvl 40 with that particular tactic.

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