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Suggestion: Show Melee Combos Of Stances As A Video/animation, Combo Training, Combo Stats


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In the codex perhaps? click a stance and you get a list of the combos, click a combo and the diorama background view of yourself holding a weapon that stance applies to does the combo for you, would be a very nice way to figure out what stances do, without having to enter a mission and try em one at a time, and then try to remember them all.


Some way of teaching you the combos would also be nice, perhaps a karaoke-like view showing you what button to push when teaching you the combos in a dedicated training simulation/dojo room?


Some in-game UI element telling you how to progress combos or how to pick a fork would also be nice.


Also stats on how the combos change your attacks would be nice, I assume some of them hit harder? Some apply weapon elements as AoE? But there doesn't seem to be any information about that.

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