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Cannot Trade


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Greetings, the story goes like this, when i started playing warframe, i made two accounts, and i decided to play only with one. A few days ago, i remembered i had this old account, and i log in, and guess what, i won the 75% discount prize for two days, so i was excited and all, and bought 1000 plat, despite that the account was only on mastery rank 0.

So, after a long journey of credit farming on my main account (500.000) i decided to level up my little account to mastery rank two, wich happened yesterday, during the DDOS thing, i did the test and i passed it, then i claimed the clan key which had been on the foundry for a day, at least.

Then i went to the dojo to check if i can trade asap, since i want to transfer this 1000 plat to the main account.

It says i have no remaining trades, that I've used the ones i had, and that's not true, since i just claimed the clan key, so a friend of mine ask me 'hey did you happen to have used the 50 starting platinum yet?' and i realized i didn't, so i go to the market, i buy 50 plat worth of stuff, and go to the dojo again to check if i can trade, but no, i couldn't.

So i log in this morning to see whether i could trade or not, and i couldn't aswell, i thought it was a bug from the DDOS and the issues that it caused, but it seems it isn't.

So my question is:


-Either there's a 24h period after u claim the clan key to be allowed to trade,


-Or the 50 starting platinum are still on my account, way down at the bottom, and with the purchase of the 1000 platinum the 50 plat got hidden underneath the normal platinum, making my account impossible to trade platinum, until i spend all the 950 i have left.


I couldn't make this post earlier, since my IP got blocked for too many log in tries, dunno how, i didn't got mad at it 'cause of the DDOS making everything to work funny, but i wish i could had wrote this before. 

Thank you for reading.

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