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The Heavens Heart Alliance Is Looking For New Clans!


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2s5y8ud.pngAttention all Tenno 2s5y8ud.png


The Heavens Heart Alliance is recruiting clans into our ranks!



The Heavens Heart Alliance is a group of clans, who work together,


to bring judgment down upon those who have gained power and are unjust!





Why should you fight for us?

We will bring unity to the Tenno!

No longer shall we be overshadowed by a single clan!

We shall stand together, as one, and bring balance, and peace to this dark galaxy!

The Heavens Heart Alliance will bring each and every clan, a fair share of resources and credits, for us all to use to bring down the unjust!



Why are we called Heavens Heart?

There are 2 different translations within this alliance, first is our slogan. It is Latin, and is translated as follows:


flat justitia ruat coelum = Let justice be done through the heavens fall


The second, is the translation of Tenno. In japanese Tenno means the following:


Tenno = Heavenly Emperor



As such, we are the Heavens Heart, as we are the Heart of all Tenno, and provide life and balance to this troubled system!





What is Heavens Hearts goal?

Heavens Hearts goal is to rid this system of excessively large clans, while supporting all those who can't face them individually.

We will support all member clans with resources, credits and warriors!

We will provide non-member clans with much lower tax rates for our Solar Rails than any other alliance!



All clan Warlords are automaticly considered part of the Heavens Council, and the alliance will make moves based on the decree of the council


Current clans and leaders

Dilagen - Stormandreas

Fools Cards - Noavark

Echoes of Leviathan  - ChozoSpartan

CGB - Representative Rokusho66



We hope to see you fighting alongside us, fellow Tenno.


And remember, flat justitia ruat coelum!

Edited by Stormandreas
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