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Dothackers Ghost Clan Recruiting.


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As the name implies, I'm recruiting for my newly founded ghost clan. All the necessary rooms have been built and a couple others that weren't necessary but are pretty cool to have. Research has just begun so there are a lot of projects that are yet to be started. There is also an open node in case anyone wants to expand. Also, the place is pretty devoid of any real decoration so feel free to add any if you feel inclined to.


A brief FAQ


1. When Can I contact you?

Ans: I'm usually on around 8-9AM EST in the morning or 6-9Pm EST on weekdays. Weekends, there's no telling when I'll be on. Usually I try to stick to evenings.


2. Do I have to be an active player?

Ans: As a ghost clan, I'm not too particular about how active someone is as long as it's not taken to the extreme. I mean, if you're going to join a clan, I'm going to assume you'll be at least fairly active in the game but I'm not going to hold you to a strict "You gotta log on daily or your out!"


3. Do I have to be a veteran player?

Ans: No, you do not. New or old, I will accept any and all applicants. If you need help, feel free to contact me about any question and I will answer as best I can.


4. Do I have to contribute a lot of resources to research?

Ans; Not really. I'll be perfectly honest, I was planning on just using the dojo as my personal "house" in the game but that got boring when I finished building the essential rooms (labs and stuff). I'm fully prepared to handle the research on my own but if I have space, I may as well share it.


5. Are we ever going to expand our clan?

Ans; I don't plan to in the near future. MAYBE into a shadow clan if a lot of people want in, but I'll most likely never go beyond that.


6. Are we going to participate in the Dark Sectors?

Ans: My stance on this has recently changed. I'm interested in seeing where the dark sectors will grow but as they are now, I would prefer to stay out of it. However, if a large number of clan members want to do so, I will do my best to support them. The same applies to community events. I'm generally not too competitive but I will provide help if people want to start competing.



7. Where does our name come from?

Ans: One of my favorite anime/video game franchises of all time, the .Hack// series. You don't have to be a fan to join, but it would cool to talk about it with someone else.


8. Do we have an emblem?

Ans: Not yet, so if you want to join to get a cool emblem, this clan isn't for you. I do plan on getting an emblem in the future but It's pretty low on my priorities list at the moment.


9. Why is there a Loki statue in the hall of honor?

Ans: I have no idea. It was there when I built it and I don't know if I can change it.


and that just about covers it. Post here or message me if you want to join, if not then I wish you luck in your future clan search.

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