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Wts> Mods And Bp

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Flow Unranked x2 3p

Vigor Unranked x1 3p

Split Chamber Unranked x1 15p

Focus Energy Unranked x1 10p

True Punishment Unranked 10p



Reaping Spiral Unranked x4 10p/each(Willing to trade for the stance I want; Swirling Tiger)

Sundering Weave Unranked x 15p (Same thing as with the Reaping Spirals)

Fracturing Wind Unranked x3 15p (Same as those above)


Prime Prints:

Dakra Prime Handle x1 3p

Orthos Prime BP x2 3p/each

Ember Prime Chassis x1 3p

Burston Prime Stock x6 2p

Boltor Prime Stock x1 3p

Latron Prime Receiver x1 5p

Sicarus Prime Barrel x1 10p

Rhino Prime Systems x1 10p

I DO NOT have any blades, please do not ask. If I did have blades, they would be listed.


Full Prime Pack:

Latron Prime(All four bp, yes I have two receivers): 30p


My usual play times are 4pm-9pm (EST) then again at 1am-4am (EST). Do not ask me to play during that down time, it is used for relationship reasons. I will have the forums open, watching for messages. Real life things also often come up that keep me from playing during my normal hours, if at all during a day. While in game meeting up, I prefer to invite you to my dojo. I will be checking my site mail many times a day. Have fun Framing and Potatoes to You!

P.S. I'm sorry that I have so many forum posts of the same name. I try to repost my forum with an updated price list once a week so it's up front and can get  traffic. I just can't seem to find the 'delete post' option any more. Call me blind, but I just can't find it.

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