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Dark Sector Battle Idea/s


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Well...as many of you know the Dark Sectors(DS) are really good to get mats. and xp; however because they are always being fought over, people cant really use them :(.  


This is why I wanted to start this thread, we need a new method to complete "take overs". My idea for this is make it a 4 v. 4 (or 2 v. 2) PvP match where the warframe abilities will not be usable.


Now i know a lot of you might disagree but hear me out; the rewards for supporting one side isn't really big, and we have all loss the use of the DS. But, if the DS "owners" and challengers were to simply elect people to either defend or attack the DS' in a PvP battle with the amount of victories needed for repelling or taking over (which can be decided by the "owner" and challenger coming to a compromise).


Having 4 v. 4 (or 2 v.2), can actually be linked with clan member rankings, it would be much faster, much much more intense like an actual battle for take overs between two forces,and a clan/alliance members can HAVE actual BIG AFFECTS in the battle. Of course, there can be many changes to this, like have non alliance members fighting for you for a reward, that's meaningful.


 Anyways that was my idea...i'd love some POSITIVE criticisms and/or your own idea to make the DS battles better than they are currently  XD

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