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A Lone Tenno Looking For A Squad


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Sooo am looking for a squad as the topic says

Been playing warframe awhile now not sure how long but i been around ohhh Since 17 Apr 2013 *totaly checked my account date*

Anyway I play Banshee alot ...i very much like her I do alot of research and playing i do like to min and max but i also like to just play the darn game aswell :)

Always open to suggestions and feed-back and all that jazz   *Facts and proof type of guy*

i like to help people from time to time i like everyone at their best :)

I was also in the military and i was also 7 year Eve-online bitter-vet fleet commander.

anyway to sum up

am looking for a squad and or people and looking to make new friends since my current ones QQ so much at warframe.

build new bonds and up my game with somthing better then random pugs :D

my steam name is the same as this name

*The lone tenno then suddenly vanishes into the dark*

p.s i also have a mic, skype, and a ts3 server
my timezone is (UTC-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)

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Hey, if you want to, find me when I am on, I am always willing to play with compatent players. If you are looking for a clan as well, we have

openings in Fractus Lumina.

Add me on Skype if you like, Sylviankyuubi

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