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Spare Parts



simple question about the spare parts mod for the sentinel, it says it increases the item drop chance....

but... need more information....

If i have it on my sentinel, all enemies have a higher chance of dropping rewards? Or what does this thing do ?

On the wiki it says it gives a higher chance to drop an item if the sentinel dies, but that has to be a joke right?
Equipping a mod that might possibily give you an extra energy or health orb when that sentinel finally dies in 1 out of 10 games?

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It gives a rare material if the sentinel dies. It can drop stuff like orokin cell or neurodes I believe. The reason why I'm not sure is that I obviously have never used this mod. I mean who would in their right mind? You want your sentinel to survive, so you would first spend your mod points and slots on mods that serve that purpose instead of... this.


Though sometimes I really hated my Djinn while leveling - being as it is.


It would be nice to get some proper mod for our sentinels instead of this - like weapon/detection range mod, ability range, ability duration, ability cooldown or a mod that makes ALL sentinel weapons viable (as it stands the first 3 sentinel weapons are complete wastes of space).

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