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Solar Rail Battles


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Well, we actually grind on the solar rail itself. Don't see your point, unless you want to fight on starships in space near rail, but in that case you might find other game than Warframe suitable for your tastes.

Thanks but you don't need to tell me to play another game since you misunderstood what I was asking of the devs. I posted the picture because I want to fight on that. They have had missions where tenno needed to go outside of a spaceship. Doesn't have to be the entire mission but the art looks too good to pass up.

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Agreed, he did not understand or just plain didn't want to properly reply. Don't worry, your idea is cool.

In fact incredibly so. Again, I'm not even sure these conflicts have any real meaning - most people only see them as a nuisance, keeping them from playing their dark sector missions (which are fun by the way).


I'm not even sure if the owners of the rails have any real reward for owning that rail besides the tax. In fact, even if you get tax, why would that be good? You can't even get it out of the Vault, right? Or was there a change to that? I do see why most of/all the rails go on 0% tax.


Best would be to gain something from owning the rails. Like deciding if the mission gives credit, XP or resource bonus. Right now there is no such right... right? I mean whoever owns the rail, you get the bonuses, all of them. Also giving a 5% raise of these bonuses if the one playing belongs to the owner of the rail so that it means even more to own one, could be another reward. Or the taxes being evenly distributed to members...


But of course it would be the most meaningful to actually make the conflict missions worth playing, nearly or even more so than the "base" dark sector missions themselves. That means having drops or other bonuses making them useful (no, not the 250 credit joke some clans put up as "battlepay", for obvious reason, battlepay you have to actually cough up will never ever work), and yes, your idea comes into this nicely too, making these maps unique having an environment you can only meet during these conflicts.

Sadly the first issue is what's the meaning having a Dark sector mission with all it's bonuses if you can barely play it, the rail so frequently being in conflict and all while the conflict missions having no real reward?

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