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As I Type This I Am Stuck In A Falling Respawn Loop


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I have always hated it when I am stuck in a fall loop, (when you fall into a hole, respawn up, and fall into the same spot, respawn in the same spot, fall, respawn, fall, respawn, repeat, repeat, repeat...)

A similar problem is getting stuck in a wall and no way to get out except leaving the match.


Would it be possible to add a command that respawns you in a random (pre-determined) spot in the map tile you are in or last in (for falling out of the map)


To make this harder to exploit there could be a counter before it activates with a random amount between 15 and 60 seconds that gets canceled if damage is taken or after X number of respawns without a key press occur


The platform I was supposed to land on has moved back into position now so I will continue playing.

Frequent issue so anything we can use ingame would be a huge help.



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There are a lot of problems like this.

One time i was in the orokin doing a slide over those defensive pillars come out of the ground, then suddenly this pillar launches me upwards far above the map but luckily i fell back in.  Or the amount of times that you or your partner gets stuck inside a wall or doorway....

things like this is the sole reason i have teleport ability on my nova equipped.

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Devs don't want to add an /Unstuck because it means "People won't submit their issues to the Forums / Support for fixing."


If they made it so you had to submit a small survey that also provided the devs with information like when, what level, etc. automatically to use the /unstuck command it would fix the problem at least partially -and- increase the number of people who submit the issues.

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